⋅ Embedded thermal imaging camera
⋅ Detect temperature up to 100ft
⋅ Measure temperatures from - 20°C   degrees to 120°C degrees
⋅ drop tested onto concrete from up to   1.8m (6ft)
⋅ no damage to either the internal   hardware or the usability.
⋅ the world’s most waterproof   smartphone
⋅ capable of surviving depths of up to 5   meters for 60 minutes.
⋅ keep on working as long as you need.
⋅ 5000 mAh battery to enable up to   38hours talk-time.
⋅ 44days stand-by-time.
⋅ best dust proof phones are officially   dust resistant certified
⋅ made to operate in extreme cold and   hot temperatures.
⋅ work in temperatures ranging from   -25°C (-13°F) up to 55°C, depending on   the device.
⋅ certified to the highest Ingress   Protection (IP) rating available – IP68.
⋅ touchscreens are scratch-resistant and   ultra-bright.
⋅ easy to read in even bright, direct   sunlight.
⋅ touchscreens are equipped with glove-   on working and wet-finger tracking   technology.
⋅ don’t waste time fumbling to answer   your phone.